A managed account is never quite as simple as it sounds. Trading for a hedge account is obviously different than speculative commodity futures trading. These are both different types of clients using Andy to execute positions in their accounts as they look for something specific to happen, like a stock market decline. These all fall under the umbrella of managed accounts executing under Power of Attorney.


Speculative – This is how Andy trades his own account. Andy executes block orders that ensure the customer orders are always filled first. Furthermore, any trade a customer sees in their account will also be in Andy’s. His skin is in the game the same as yours. That’s about as fair as it gets.


Hedge – Need help hedging a grain crop or energy usage? Looking for equity market downside protection? Andy would be happy to help you. The same tools that Andy uses for speculative trading are remarkably adaptable. The final notion is that a good buy, is a good buy and a good sell is a good sell.


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