Andy Waldock published his first trading program in 1999. The “DCB-Bond System” has been a top 20 performer several times, including 19th in their Issue 2 of 2015. This program was purely technical in nature and has an accumulated average return of just over 10% per year according to Futures Truth.


The first suite of systems published was the, “DCB-Swing” system. The program was designed to capture opening gaps as the market moved through support or, resistance into its close. This multi-market program was published prior to the advent of 24-hour markets and took advantage of the buildup in pressure while the market was closed in order to take profits upon the program’s first profitable opening. Obviously, the 24-hour marketplace has ruined the premise for this program.


The last few years have seen the evolution of Andy’s nightly Discretionary Cot Signals from methodology to fully mechanized and active trading program. Andy has worked with some of the brightest minds in the industry to get it right and he’s been trading this final version for himself and the money he manages since June of 2015. An earlier version was released to Futures Truth under the name JDOC 532.

Please see the Mechanical Cot Signals and Sample Portfolio pages for more information and results.


*DCB = Drew, Cameron and Ben, Andy’s three sons.

JDOC 532 – Andy’s father, Jack Waldock’s badge at the CME.

Maybe he’ll publish the next one for himself – ADOC 532, his former badge.